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The Man of the Hour

The Man of the Hour

M.O.T.H by Frank Maddish

man of the hourThe man of the hour, the man of the day and the man of the year, fought amongst themselves over the woman of their dreams.
cometh the hourThe man of the hour quickly caught her attention, but she grew tired of his constant surprises, and the broken promises of a future he could never keep. He had one eye on the clock throughout the hurried seduction, and soon made his excuses and left.
man of the hourThe man of the day was a practical soul, who took one thing at a time, with a very good eye for detail. Their conversations were friendly but not particularly romantic, mainly due to his prior commitments, and work that needed to be done. They arranged to meet tomorrow, but the woman of his dreams doubted very much that he would keep his appointment.
cometh the manThe man of the year was a gregarious sort, loved by one and all. He showed the woman of his dreams his achievements and accolades, official recognition that proved his worth and good standing. Before long the woman of his dreams fell for the man of the year, for he was successful and reliable, and had little competition worth mentioning.
man of the yearAt first, things seemed fine between them, for their forthcoming marriage was on the cards, and they had great plans for the months ahead. However, fate took a drastic turn for the worse, as the woman of his dreams watched the man of the year, grow old and tired before his time. By late Autumn he’d sleep all day and all night, recounting regrets from his deathbed.
cometh the hour, cometh the manSoon the woman of his dreams was left a widow, in mourning for the loss of her man of the year, but at the funeral she was to meet with another. It was the man of her dreams, who was neither alive nor dead, for he had never believed in time. Nevertheless, in due course, they would come to love each other beyond measure, and follow one another in perpetual reverie. Until eventually their love was consummated, and the woman of his dreams gave birth to a myth, a childlike wonder, and a legend in their own lifetime.

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