I`m Looking for a Publisher

I`m Looking for a Publisher

19 August 2018 / Frank Maddish

A British publisher would be preferable, however I am more than open to offers from international publishers. Having tried to self-publish my work with little fanfare, I think it’s time I leave the marketing to the professionals.


I am currently working on my third novel, and would like to think that at least a few people will get to read it, and that it doesn’t merely fall by the wayside like the others. Despite many disappointments I have found encouragement from the occasional fan. Some of which insist my genre is closer to visionary/experimental/dystopian fiction than bare-bones sci-fi. Those who have read my latest novel, Build-A-Burger, have made comparisons to Philip K. Dick, amongst others, although it must be said, with a liberal dose of humour added into the mix.


By a quirk of fate, the central character, Billy Griffin, finds himself lost in a parallel world, mistakenly credited as the creator of the world’s first all-beef patty. He is now rich and influential, and sole proprietor of the highly successful fast food chain, ‘Build-A-Burger’. He branches out into independent media and soon makes contact with a secret cabal called ‘The Alumniaiti’. As Billy’s success takes on a life of its own, he discovers he is trapped in the seven circles of hell, and that his growing success comes at the price of his soul.

The work is approximately 100,000 words long and has a good potential for transatlantic reach, seeing as the story is in part based in America, and  the protagonist influenced by a well known, and highly controversial American DJ. However, these parallels soon fade as the narrative twists and turns into rarely explored territories of science fiction.

Can you help?

Those who have read the book strongly believe it deserves to be published, and after several attempts to contact suitable publishers, I have decided to write this open letter to bring industry attention to the novel. If you have purchased one of the many digital versions out there, i.e. Kindle, I would truly appreciate your review. If you are an agent or publisher who would like to discuss the matter further, please contact me at maddish@gmx.com.

Kind Regards

Frank Maddish.

P.S. I should make it clear I have no interest in using the services of vanity publishers or any related paid services.)

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