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Sci-fi Nightmares

Sci-fi Nightmares

So, when I was a kid, probably beginning with Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and generally encouraged by my father’s blind optimism, I was sucked in by science fiction. Throughout my teens I gorged on sci-fi literature, everything from Dick to Gibson, and even with a dash of Burroughs thrown in for good measure.

Eventually I knew that what I and my late father had been looking forward to, was our technological downfall. He didn’t live to see the end of nature, or the death of our innate freedom of expression, he died wondering if he’d just missed flying cars or holidays on the Moon. Some still think it’s just an upgrade, the technological homogenisation of the human race, one primed for cut-price intergalactic travel. But the future isn’t a Wild West story, no one on this planet will grow up to be brave pioneers of strange new worlds. It’s all there, laid out as plain as day, from Orwell’s fears to Matrix memes. We’re trapped, we’re screwed, we’re absolutely finished, and like the slaves that built the pyramids, if that’s even true, no one is going to remember us.

Judging by popular opinion, the only way forward and out of this sociological time bomb world, is through the death of the natural, and a blind obedience to scientific vision. I’m afraid we’ve been duped, they promised us the stars, but it turns out they’re just coloured lights on a screen. Our new way of life, engineered for the convenience of the few, has already hit its peak. It’s all downhill from here, just another lousy dystopian tome, like every other religious text, it doesn’t exactly make for light reading.

The new world has arrived and we never moved an inch, we just sat and stared as integrated systems of logic spun their web, dividing us into subcategories of being, concentrated together in accelerated time. Nobody has to think anymore, they can look it up. No need to fall in love, there’s sex on tap. Don’t bother creating useful tools for independent living, just design another app. But whatever you do, if your thoughts are divergent, if you can’t tow the line and stay within the preset social parameters defined by the all-seeing, all-knowing technocratic gods on high, keep your head down and your mouth shut.

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