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How Hollywood Will Die
The Conspiracy of Perfection

How Hollywood Will Die

Big budget movie makers don’t bother sifting through scripts anymore, they have software to do that. Using artificial intelligence to conduct surveys and polls, they analyse forecasted profits, global reach, and potential merchandising deals. Unfortunately, the majority of movie lovers have no imagination, and simply ask for what they know. The tried and tested formulas that used to put bums on seats, are now little more than fodder for mass ridicule.

Connectivity has utterly banished the element of surprise, and the audience’s attention span has reached such critical proportions, Hollywood’s major production houses have resorted to perpetuating urban myths. Much like the recent spate of axe-wielding clowns, that has proven a far cheaper and more effective alternative to expensive teaser campaigns. Even if it does cause panic amongst the nation, viral is viral, no matter how you look at it.

The silver screen is tarnished and torn, and only the most devout acolytes of meaningless drivel and sensationalist plots, still appreciate the efforts of those behind the scenes. The bulk of the majority has seen it all before, sequel after sequel, remake after remake, each deploying the same subtext, heavily skewed by a microscopic echo chamber of political consensus.

Hollywood is in its death throes, but even with its final breath, it shouts louder than ever before. The ravings of a suicidal maniac whose lost all hold on power, unseated from its throne by a silent revolution of cynical consumerism. Which might be why the cinematic concept, paying for the privilege of watching someone else’s TV, seems positively antiquated in the present day.

Hollywood used to manufacture idols, created for worship and adoration, but nowadays people prefer to make them suffer for their entirely misplaced good fortune. The poor little rich kids and their extended family of nepotists, have made some desperate moves into politics, pressing all the hot button issues to ramp up the takings. But as they monotonously repeat their scripts, spearheading tactics for moral outrage under the repressive regime of their beloved new social order, the shining lights of the phony cultural revolution are called out for their hypocrisy.

They’re very fragile creatures, the slaves at the dream factory, the broken people who made it to the top, only to see the bottom fall out of the market. But it won’t be long now before they’re usurped by new advances in technology, and the millions of potential actors and directors subsisting on the internet, all of whom are more than willing to do it for free.

The smallest screen, the one that people carry in their hands, has swallowed up the world. The more reality shrinks from view, the less the distorted reflections of Hollywood have to offer. Their consolidated vision has been blinkered on all sides by blind greed and panic. Flooding the world with new faces, attention seekers who dream of stardom and live in luxury, lecturing the oppressed to appreciate their bondage into consumer slavery has left them isolated and alone.

Hollywood’s elite can sense their own extinction, and no matter how much money they throw at the problem, in truth, they know it’s time to roll the credits. They’re painfully aware that this life, this world, this phony stage upon which we all take our turn and play our parts, is far from glamorous. The difference is that now the audience is the director of their fate, and our humdrum lives, filled with such fetid disappointment, abused from birth to death by Hollywood’s psychotic agenda, has turned their dreams to shit.

The Conspiracy of Perfection

If reality is a holographic construct, then perception is everything. As the human race loses itself in a real-time digital mirror, one by one trading their individuality for social currency, those left on the sidelines are vilified, ostracised, and ridiculed by the majority. Collectivism is the new fascism, devaluing emotion through oversensitivity, propagating a narrative so narrow and constrained, human instincts must defer to the social protocols of the ill-informed and gullible.

Each of us will leave this place alone, our former ties and allegiances broken by our inevitable demise. Political factions, peer group pressures, familial responsibilities, questions of identity and purpose, engendered ideologies and philosophies, all fall away at the point of death. What remains, at least for those who truly understand that their consciousness is not bound by the sum of their experience, and the limited paradigm of our physical existence, will have time to reflect, a brief respite between one subjugated role and the next. The rest will languish in the abstract, awaiting new commands, each subsequent life offering simpler codes of behaviour and concepts of individuality than the last.

The new world order is as old as the hills, and has always relied heavily upon the complicity of the masses. No matter how many occupy this world, few are afforded the opportunity to supersede general opinion. Instead they are encouraged to contribute to the whole, to push forward the narrative for greater compliance, and as history shows, will almost always suffer the consequences. Humans are inevitably guided by the subject rather than the process, misunderstanding the dialectic of duality, and are invariably more than willing to choose sides in a pointless argument.

Belief systems, be they religious, political, sociological or otherwise, take precedent over insight, forethought, and any form of holistic understanding of the human condition. Education has much to answer for, discouraging enquiring minds from reading between the lines, barely engaging with each generation’s audience, tasked solely with creating new workers who can take orders.

Beauty is used as a weapon, a social defence mechanism to propagate conformity, exploiting the power of vanity to dissuade the masses from reclaiming their sense of individual identity. The most beautiful of all are considered the most perfect, those who have the ultimate proportional relationship of features. The mathematical viability of beauty relies on the golden ratio, the proportions and length of the nose, the position of the eyes, and the length of the chin.

Those who do not conform to the standard do their best to improve or disguise their assumed physical imperfections. Through cosmetics or even cosmetic surgery, fashion, hairstyle, or even digitally altering selfies for Instagram, in one way or another people try their best to cover up nature’s mistakes.

Hollywood, the media, advertising, the music industry, the fashion world, all do their damnedest to keep the lie going. It’s a well known fact that sex sells, but beyond that, perfection is the ideal that keeps the money flowing. Which is why, beneath the surface, asides the minor tweaks and improvements in technology, design is for the most part an afterthought, a way of reviving old and outdated expectations.

People who say they want change, an ideology so many politicians in the past have exploited, rarely ever stop to question what exactly they want changed and how? We’ve been duped, history was never as old fashioned as the documentaries would have us believe, and the future is filled with modernity and scientific splendour. We are what we are, imperfectly perfect in our vision, and forever one with the natural order. Artifice and synthesis never last, not in the great scheme of things. We can strive all we like, chase the dream and grab it with both hands, but the world’s an ugly place, and it’s high time we got used to it.

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