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The Last Ditto focuses on one man’s unique exploration into the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. Largely inspired by a comprehensive collection of subconscious experiences, carefully recorded over a ten year period, Frank Maddish’s novel offers revelatory insights into the parallel lives of the dead. The Last Ditto invites the reader to share in an emotionally charged examination of the human psyche. Meticulously investigating the mysterious nature of the waking dream, including its psychological relationship within our waking lives.

After a series of suicide attempts during a long bout of clinical depression, interspersed with intermittent hospitalisation, Frank attained an unprecedented intensification of lucidity, including full interaction and sensory feedback. His brush with death resulted in a whole new experiential level of informational exchange. Giving rise to the creation of a permanent psychic bridge, which would eventually enable his far-reaching and detailed discourse, between the human race and the afterlife.

The Last Ditto pieces together a cornucopia of sublime, and on occasion, terrifying accounts of non-corporeal experiences, including fascinating out-of-body encounters at the very edge of time and space. The Last Ditto is not a guide book, or a self-help manual, but serves as a warning to others who wish to escape the highly limited confines of our reality. Our world is but one of many, and in each and every one of them humanity is predestined to take their pain with them. The Last Ditto opens up a radical view of life as we know it, deeply enquiring into the exotic architecture of dreams, and their greater purpose in the formation of our reality.

The Last Ditto offers a unique tale to inspire new avenues of greater understanding, breaking apart our dictated consensus of thought, and enabling the human race to reach beyond the conscious limitations of the mind. The Last Ditto draws  on a greater perspective, one that exists outside of traditional human thinking. Come learn the true history of the world, the hidden nature of power, and the ultimate sacrifice made by our civilisation, for the sake of conformity under a corrupt authority.

Frank’s revolutionary first novel blurs the lines between lucid dreaming and the conscious state, the world of the dead and our illusory cosmogony, in a mind-bending tale of a world gone mad. Providing a vast array of highly intriguing, and at times deeply disturbing revelations, some of which may fundamentally alter the notion of reality as we know it. Frank Maddish’s vast and comprehensive view, informed by inhuman associates encountered during deep sleep, and several traumatic near-death experiences, constitutes a leap in metaphysical understanding which cannot be ignored.

The dream-like quality of Frank Maddish’s fascinating literary delivery, beautifully executed in a deeply moving style, combined with such surreal suppositions as to our greater purpose in life, our final journey beyond mortality, the living consciousness of our collective memory, and the ulterior motives of an ancient shadow elite, brings a synaesthetic wonder to the visionary fiction genre. Maddish’s intensely personal and movingly open approach to the cultural phenomena of sleep, dreams, love, life and death, is almost overwhelming in its human complexity. Sharing philosophies on lost natural intuitive processes, and the supreme effects of intelligent emotional enquiry, so rarely experienced in much of contemporary fiction.

Prepare yourself for a fundamental shift in your perceptions, challenging some of the strongest held beliefs of societal norms, and the fundamental tenets of present day psychology. Take a journey through the world of dreams and visit the borderlands of existence, to the very edge of reality. Where life and death meet in a twisted dance of the spirals of mortality. A place where imagination takes form, and the permanency of our beliefs crumble in the face of absolute impossibility.

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