The Last Ditto

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The Last Ditto is an account of one man's journey through decades of deep sleep exploration, into the outer reaches of the subconscious, to the very fringes of death.

Exploring the psychology of being, with the aid of a whistleblower from the other side, delving into the effects of the laws of observation, the power of received truth over the subconscious, and their major contribution to a worldwide existential crisis.

The Last Ditto is the story of a man who has broken ranks with humanity, to seek an exit from reality, and leave this place behind, forever.

The Last Ditto is the first novel by the British author Frank Maddish.

Frank Maddish

Writer, Author, Lucid Dreamer,...

Frank Maddish lives with his infinitely patient wife, (and three cats), on the South Coast of Britain.

The Last Ditto is Frank Maddish's first foray into literary fiction, having lived under many guises, within a variety of creative pursuits.

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